Healthy Teeth: The Thing That Will Make You Beautiful In 2019

Healthy Teeth: The Thing That Will Make You Beautiful In 2019

lthy Teeth: The Thing That Will Make You Beautiful In 2019

Being beautiful or handsome is one of the things that a girl or a guy can be proud of. When someone compliments you and say things like “you are beautiful” or “you are handsome”, your confidence immediately boosts up, right? What more if the person says “your smile is beautiful”? Things would go upside down! The moment would be magical and you will feel like you are in heaven! It will make your day. It will make you productive towards work, school, and other activities. It will help you build up your personality and be confident whenever and wherever you are. Wonderful smile by your Wonderful Dental Team.

They say that the smile is the best make-up. Wearing your smile is what’s adding to that beautiful face. When someone smiles, you can feel that positive energy radiating to that person. It makes you want to smile more. It lifts the mood around and kind of make things seem better. Having a good and healthy smile is one thing a person would be proud of. The straight and shining pearly whites could be the key to having that 100% confidence. It may be the key to be beautiful and handsome in the eyes of the people around. 2019 means that the things that surround us, everything we see and experience may what we call a trend. Nowadays, if you are in the trend, it means that you are within the standard of being beautiful or handsome. But, that is not always the case because you can be trendy in your little way without having to seek validation from the people around you. Our smile is not supposed to be just a “fashion trend”. It is our trademark. It is what will make us known. A lot of impressions could be given out just by smiling. It is what makes us as a person. It helps us build up our confidence and go through with the rest of the days. When you see someone looking gloomy, smile at them and encourage them to smile too! Not only it will uplift their mood, but they will also thank you for helping them get a little bit better.

If you want to be beautiful and handsome, start young. If you are a parent, what you can do is have your child appointed to a dentist to have his or her mouth checked. This should be done not because you want them to grow up just beautiful or handsome, do this because you also value their oral health and you should keep in mind that, the teeth are a part of the face. The teeth can make you confidently beautiful. If you want to keep it up until you grow old, learn to value its importance because neglect is what will make all your efforts go away. As a parent, your child should be able to be familiar with the dental environment. Tell them that there is nothing to be afraid of and that the dentists are there to help them be beautiful and handsome. There are several procedures which can be done for your child. The first option should be the application of fluoride varnish to the child’s teeth. Fluoride varnish application is a procedure wherein a dentist applies a coat of fluoride varnish to the child’s teeth. Not only will this varnish protect the teeth from having early onset of childhood caries, but it also comes with a lot of flavors as well as chocolate, bubblegum, mint, strawberry and many more. Aside from fluoride varnish, another option could be the fluoride foam but because of innovation and the arrival of varnishes, not all dental offices use it nowadays. Fluoride varnish is more accepted not only by the child but the dentist as well because it is very effective and easier to apply. The dentist only needs a prophy angle to coat the teeth unlike the foam, which is more work since, to apply it, the dentist needs to use fluoride trays and insert them in the mouth.

Achieving that picture-perfect smile is not hard. It is very easy. The challenge depends on how well can you handle the situation, and I am talking about scheduling a dental appointment. We all know that it is quite a hassle to have an appointment with your dentist. It is such a drag that you have to spend a day at the dentist just to have your mouth checked and cleaned. But, people are missing the point! If you want to be beautiful or handsome, you must also be mindful about your oral hygiene! The teeth the jewels of the face, therefore if you want to flash it, have it cleaned! It would be a shame if you smile and you have all that plaque visible in you. Take a day off and schedule an oral prophylaxis appointment with your dentist. Oral prophylaxis is the cleaning of the teeth using a scaler and a prophy brush with prophy paste. It is recommended that you have to have it scaled and polished every six months. Having a prophylaxis treatment isn’t just enough. The prophy paste doesn’t have any fluoride, unlike the regular toothpaste. That paste alone is not enough to protect your teeth. The dentist then will advise you to have fluoride applied to your teeth topically. It is usually in gel form and is applied using a fluoride tray. You see, all of that wouldn’t just make your smile brighter, it would make you confident as well!

Bottomline is that, if you know how to value yourself, if you know how to take care of what was given to you, then you are beautiful. You are handsome. If you want to have a wonderful dental experience, do not forget to have an appointment with your dentist. As they say, smiling will make you beautiful and handsome. But what truly is the meaning of being considered as beautiful and handsome? Is it only because of physical appearance? Is it only because of a nice, well-built physique? Is it because of the fashionable clothes you wear? Yes, you can change your appearance and alter parts of your body through surgery, but those are just things that the people see. What can be considered as beautiful or handsome is the attitude. If you have a good attitude, you care for the people, and you do what is right, then you are beautiful. No matter how your physical appearance may be, do not let it affect you. Do not let what others say affect you. The world we live in, the era we are today now — 2019 — is advanced age. Everybody is beautiful, everybody deserves to be called beautiful. Everybody should be able to confident with their skin. Sadly, that is not always the case. As this advanced era ages, more people are still being discriminated. Discriminated for the way they look, their choice, preference, and other things. But, let us always hope for the better and always look for positivity in a world full of hatred.

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