Planning to Attend Art Basel This Year? Here is what you should know

Planning to Attend Art Basel This Year? Here is what you should know

For culture enthusiasts, 2019 holds a lot of surprises. There are an array of inspiring exhibitions scheduled for the end of this year. One of them is Art Basel.

Every single Art Blog is awaiting for its arrival so we decided to cover the topic quickly for you !

This year Art Basel is scheduled for December 1 to 4, exhibiting artworks from 4,000 artists. Art lovers from every part of the world are already planning to fly to Miami for a week of mega event.

What is Art Basel?

Art Basel is a modern-day art fair held in three different locations Miami Beach (Florida), Basel (Switzerland), and Hong Kong (China). The fair presents a great opportunity for local galleries, allowing them to present and sell art from both local and international artists. The artwork presented during this fair is not just limited to paintings, but also digital art, photography, video art, installations, and sculptures.

History of Art Basel

Art Basel was first held in the year 1970 by the extreme efforts of Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner, and Balz Hilt. The event hosted 90 galleries and attracted almost 16,000 visitors. Following its success, Art Basel was launched in Miami in 2002, and then in Hong Kong in the year 2013.

After its success in Hong Kong, it became Asia’s Premier art fair. The fair is hosted at three different times every year, covering Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami each.

The Miami fair marks the end of the annual Art Basel by welcoming 70,000 visitors from all over the globe. Basel’s American fair is organized in the Miami Beach Convention Center displaying artwork from 250 galleries from across the world.

Art Basel Dates

Art Basel Hong Kong:  Art Basel, Hong Kong marks the beginning of Annual Art Basel fair. The Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre organizes this fair at the beginning of March.

Art Basel Switzerland: Art Basel Switzerland takes place at Messe Basel, where you can expect around 3000 artists. The event is the second in the series of Art Basel annual festival and takes place every June.

Art Basel Miami: Art Basel Miami is organized at the very beginning of December, attracting over 70,000 visitors.

 How to enter Art Basel?

The entry to art Basel is not free and will need a ticket. If you are planning to visit for just one day, the ticket will cost around $50. For those who are planning to be there for the entire show, the cost will be $105 (the price may differ depending on the ticket type).

There are fair concessions for college and school kids and seniors citizens. There are VIP passes also for museum directors, gallery owners, and art advisors. The ticket is available both online and offline. Make sure to purchase your ticket in advance as its selling quite fast.

How to explore its different sector?

Art Basel is spread over a huge area, each divided into different Sectors concerning a particular type of art. These Sectors can change and evolve every year and may vary in all three locations. There are six to seven sectors in every art fair, including Galleries, Nova, Position, Edition, Public, Film, and Talks.

In the Galleries, you will find a range of artwork, including video, digital art, film, photography, installations, etc. To watch fresh talent, head towards Nova Sector, which displays art from the last three years. In the Position Sector, every new artist presents one major project for curators. Whereas only the edition prints and multiple create displays are shown in the Edition sector.

 As the name suggests the Public sector will be about sculptures and installation. These works remain may remain on display for long after the show also. Some of the selected films are displayed in the Film Sector and they can even be displayed outdoors.

Dos and don’ts for visiting Art Basel

Art Basel is famous for its live performances, extravagant parties, and seminars. If you are planning to visit Miami December is the best time to catch a flight. You could get the ravishing beaches as well as power-packed art show. However, before you plan the trip, here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

·        If you have not been able to show your style for a while, this is your chance. Art Basel revolves around modern art and gives you plenty of chances to try dresses you have never tried before. Whatever you choose, make sure it is accessorized well and represents the inner you. In terms of shoes, a wise decision will be wearing a flat or some comfy shoes.

·        Do not carry too much stuff as there will be a lot of walking and big bags are not allowed inside the gallery. Leave your luggage and coats at the hotel only.

·        Photography is prohibited during the fest. Don’t get all sad, you can take personal pictures without flash. Just leave any selfie stick or camera products back at the hotel.

If you also book a guided tour and it will be totally worth it. .

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